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Window and Door Options

The Harvey window and door products used in our Patio Rooms and Porch Enclosures have been used in homes across the Northeast since 1961. The complete line of windows and doors represents years of commitment to quality and value. The testing and research gives you the benefit of knowing each of these window and door products are designed and built to withstand the harsh weather elements of New England, providing optimum energy savings and performance.

Vinyl Windows and Doors Engineered to Last

The windows feature Intercept,® a warm edge spacer system which provides greater seal longevity and 10% warmer indoor glass temperatures. The windows offer sleek designs maximizing glass area and incorporating attractive, low profile hardware components that do not obstruct the view to the outside. Engineered to last, these vinyl windows and doors have a reputation for their beauty, energy efficiency, reliability and unsurpassed performance.

window, doorAll of the window and door options are ENERGY STAR qualified throughout the U.S. with Low-E/Argon glazing. ENERGY STAR windows and doors are 40% more efficient than windows that meet most national building codes. ENERGY STAR windows and doors are good for the environment, using less fossil fuel which causes air pollution, smog and global warming.

Rolling Window

patio room windows

The Classic rolling window is easy to operate and is a standard feature in our Patio Rooms and Porch Enclosures.
Double-Hung Window

patio room window

With a sleek fully welded sash and air-tight frame design, the Classic Vinyl Double Hung window offers the best in the marketplace in terms of style and performance.
Casement Window

porch enclosure windows

Beautiful and functional in any room, the Vinyl Casement window offers smooth operation and maximum ventilation.
Picture Window

porch enclosure window

A picture window can be combined with casement or double hung windows for sweeping views.
Gable Trap Glass Window

patio room windows

The Gable Trap Glass option will drive desired sunlight back into the new space and existing adjacent spaces.
Glass Knee Wall Window

patio door

The glass knee wall feature gives you the floor-to-ceiling feel that will maximize vertical wall light gain.
Gliding Vinyl Patio Door

patio doors

Using reinforced heavy duty aluminum, the solid construction of these doors is the best performing, most durable on the market.
Therma-Tru Entry Door

porch enclosure doors

Relax and enjoy the view with Therma-Tru’s insulated French Door Smooth-Star® Hinged Patio Door, featuring the smooth look of fine-painted wood with the durability of fiberglass.

porch enclosure door

Call 1.800.530.2505 or New England Patio Rooms about patio room windows and porch enclosure doors today!

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