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About New England Patio Rooms
New England Patio Rooms is a division of SUNSPACE DESIGN, INC, a leader in the sunroom and conservatory industry since 1981. Our focus of business has been primarily in the design and construction of custom mahogany sunrooms, conservatories, orangeries and skylights.

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Custom Wood Sunrooms and Conservatories

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Our Classic Vinyl Patio Rooms, porch enclosures and sunrooms will transform your new or existing deck or patio into a cost effective and brilliant new room. If you are searching for a porch enclosure, patio room or sunroom New England Patio Rooms will provide you with a product that is a great investment resulting in added resale value to your home.

Patio Rooms and Sunrooms
The Harvey Classic Vinyl Patio Room is available in the Gable1 or Studio2 style to satisfy your architectural preference. All of these patio enclosures feature thermally broken 3 ¼”, R-14 insulated walls comparable to a traditionally framed wall along with 63” tall vinyl rolling Harvey windows with full screens. Each of our sunroom and patio rooms utilizes tempered, Low-E or Low-E/Argon filled glass in the windows with available grid styles.

Porch Enclosures
Porch EnclosuresNew England Patio Rooms offers our Premier Vinyl Porch Enclosure Systems as an alternative to building a new room by utilizing your existing porch to create a new living space. Our vinyl enclosures are designed to be installed below your existing roof and are custom fit to maximize your view to the outside giving you all the benefits of a new sunroom using your existing porch.

What Makes New England Patio Rooms Different
Our approach to the patio enclosure and porch enclosure market place is similar to that of our custom mahogany glass systems by offering our clients with the best available product at a competitive price. Our extensive research has proven the Harvey product to be a great value in the patio sunroom marketplace and since our company does not employ a large commission driven sales-force, carry the overhead of a showroom nor are we committed to franchise fees, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers just as we do in our wood conservatories, sunrooms, orangeries and skylights.

Window and Door Options
The Harvey window and door products used in our Patio Rooms and Porch Enclosures have been used in homes across the Northeast since 1961. The complete line of windows and doors represents years of commitment to quality and value. The testing and research gives you the benefit of knowing each of these window and door products are designed and built to withstand the harsh weather elements of New England, providing optimum energy savings and performance.

Window Grid Patterns
Window grid configurations include Colonial, Prairie and Diamond. Custom window grid configurations may be available upon request.

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New England Patio Rooms is a division of SUNSPACE DESIGN, INC., a leader in the sunroom and conservatory
industry, focusing on the design and construction of custom mahogany sunrooms, conservatories, orangeries and skylights.
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